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Partnership: Crooked Media & Civitech to Register & Turn Out Pro-Choice Voters Across 9 Swing States

This week, VoteProChoice announced its partnership with Crooked Media to invest in swing states ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. These investments, which prioritize nine key swing states, are geared towards registering and turning out pro-choice voters where reproductive freedom is most at stake.

The partnership is two-fold: Crooked Media and VoteProChoice are raising funds and resources to support voter registration with Civitech across Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada; and those newly registered voters will also receive the VoteProChoice Voter Guide with recommendations and endorsements up-and-down the ballot.

“We are so excited to partner with Civitech, Crooked Media, and Vote Save America in advance of the 2022 midterm elections,” said Heidi Sieck, co-founder, and CEO of VoteProChoice. “This partnership will help be essential in connecting pro-choice voters with the resources they need to make a difference at the ballot box. We’re already seeing the effects of criminalizing abortion across the country, and we need bold, pro-choice candidates to win in November and to fight back.”

"Civitech is proud to partner with VOTEPROCHOICE and Crooked Media to provide data and programming to help register and turn out millions of voters in states where reproductive freedom is on the ballot," said Sarah Jackel, Chief Operating Officer, Civitech. "Through our modeled data, we can reach those most affected by attacks on reproductive freedom—women, young people, and people of color—and help amplify their voices this November. We're excited to give these voters resources to vote in every race on the ballot, from the U.S. Senate to County Judge, because our ongoing access to abortion care rests on support at every level of government."

VoteProChoice has been at the forefront of the fight to elect bold, pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot, investing millions of dollars since 2016 in flipping seats across the country and sending pro-choice candidates to elected office to fight for access to abortion.


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Dmitro Makovetskiy

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