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"National Democrats Are Failing to Meet the Moment for the Future of Abortion Rights:”

VoteProChoice Co-Founder and CEO Heidi Sieck released the following statement after the Supreme Court’s decision to stay a ruling to restrict mifepristone:

This will not be the last time that the Supreme Court is given the opportunity to restrict abortion care nationwide. We’re relieved on behalf of the patients and providers in this country, but we’re also clear-eyed about the fight that lies ahead. “By overturning Roe v. Wade last year, the anti-choice Justices on the court created a flurry of anti-abortion legislation, and with it, plenty of chances to create a path for a national abortion ban. The threat to abortion, contraception, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare goes far beyond this case alone. “Just this week, a different lawsuit filed in New Mexico aims to dismantle the state’s abortion protections by also using a 150-year-old federal law, the Comstock Act, to criminalize the distribution by mail of “obscene” materials — including materials used to end pregnancy. “National Democrats need to better rise to meet this moment. They owe it to their pro-choice voters, who turned out in November largely because of attacks on abortion. “To start, the Comstock Act must be immediately repealed. Democrats in Congress need to introduce a bill as soon as possible. Force a vote. Attach the repeal as an amendment to other bills coming down the pipeline. Talk about it to voters. Match the urgency of the threat however they can. “In the meantime, VoteProChoice continues to focus on supporting pro-choice candidates for local and statewide offices for our Care is Not Criminal campaign– many of whom are seeking criminal legal positions and have vowed never to prosecute patients or providers for seeking/providing abortion care. “That fight continues—now and always. We will not rest until the right to an abortion is guaranteed and accessible to everyone.”


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