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We endorsed 244 candidates in 2023, primarily at the state and local level


Joshua Cole

Virginia House of Delegates - District 65


Kelly Convirs-Fowler

Virginia House of Delegates - District 96

Nina Ahmad.jpg

Nina Ahmad

Philadelphia City Council - At-Large

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez.png

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

San Antonio City Council - District 2

We built pro-choice governing power to protect abortion in Virginia.

The Virginia 2023 election was the largest single-state investment in our history! Now, Vote Pro-Choice alums have proposed a state constitutional amendment to guarantee permanent abortion access in Virginia.


How We Won


Voter Engagement & Issue ID Work


Polling & Message Testing


Candidate Support & Voter Mobilization

We supported candidates in key judicial victories in Pennsylvania

Jill Beck.jpg

Jill Beck

Pennsylvania State Superior Court Judge

Judge Lane Official Headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Timika Lane

Pennsylvania State Superior Court Judge


Daniel McCaffery

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Judge Matt Wolf_edited.jpg

Matt Wolf

Pennsylvania State Commonwealth Court Judge

State Supreme Courts are a powerful tool in the fight for reproductive freedom, and the Wisconsin court will rule on critical cases to protect abortion rights and voting rights.

Janet Protasiewicz
WON her 2023 special election for Wisconsin State Supreme Court

We supported Justice Janet Protasiewicz in her race for a critical Wisconsin State Supreme Court seat

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