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Care is Not Criminal

Our ‘Care is not Criminal’ campaign specifically supports pro-choice district attorneys, judges, and other critically important local and criminal legal officials who can prevent the criminalization of abortion care at the community, county, or state level.


Patients don’t belong in jail, and providers don’t belong in handcuffs. Period.

Jamila Perritt, President and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health

“Across the country, we’ve seen pregnant people shamed, targeted, stigmatized, and criminalized for giving birth, experiencing a miscarriage, and having abortions. As a physician, I cannot overemphasize how dangerous this is for individuals, families, and communities…medical standards, not politicians, judges, or police, should guide health care.”  

A few of our endorsed candidates:


Timika Lane

Pennsylvania State Superior Court Judge 


Janet Protasiewicz

Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice


Daniel McCaffery

Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice

pro-choice Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Welch

Elizabeth Welch

Michigan State Supreme Court Justice

pro-choice Hamilton County Sheriff Charmain McGuffey

Charmaine McGuffey

Hamilton County Sheriff (Ohio)

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Stop the Criminalization of Abortion!
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