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Vote Pro-Choice Responds to the Arizona State Supreme Court Ruling to Enforce a Near-total Criminal Abortion Ban From 1864

New York, NY – In response to the Arizona Supreme Court's 4-2 ruling stating that the state's near-total criminal abortion ban is enforceable, Vote Pro-Choice Executive Director Sara Tabatabaie released the following statement:

"Today's news out of Arizona is devastating. Although the law is currently on hold, it's likely to take effect in the coming months, putting pregnant patients across the state in danger due to an abortion ban that pre-dates women's suffrage, the Voting Rights Act, and even Arizona statehood.

Abortion is a deeply personal decision that should be made between a patient and their healthcare provider, without the interference of politicians. This ruling would see doctors in handcuffs, which is horrifying. And while Attorney General Kris Mayes has stated that she refuses to use any of her office's resources to prosecute providers under this law, local elected prosecutors must also be protectors on this issue. Arizona voters should not only leverage their power through the upcoming pro-choice ballot initiative but also by ensuring that every candidate they vote for is ready to protect patients and healthcare providers.

The fact that this decision comes the week after a similar ruling on a six-week ban in Florida, which also includes criminal penalties for providers, highlights the incredible power that state Supreme Courts, attorneys general, prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges all have when it comes to our reproductive freedom. That's why, in the wake of the Dobbs decision, Vote Pro-Choice launched the 'Care is Not Criminal' campaign, working to support candidates for criminal legal positions who will prevent the criminalization of abortion care at the state and community level."

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