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Vote Pro-Choice Launches Historic 2022 Voter Guide to Counter Radical Anti-choice Movement Post-Dobbs

Vote Pro-Choice launched their 2022 Voter Guide alongside a six-figure paid advertising campaign in battleground states across the country.  The Vote Pro-Choice Voter Guide is the most comprehensive voter guide in the country, providing voters with information and insight into pro-choice candidates running up and down-ballot, including local and municipal races, and adding to the list of endorsements #VOTEPROCHOICE has already made in the 2022 elections. 

Vote Pro-Choice has been working to register and turn out voters across North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada through their 2022 voter guide. Over the summer, Vote Pro-Choice also launched their Care is Not Criminal initiative, which invests in pro-choice candidates in local criminal justice offices, from DAs and judges to sheriffs—emphasizing the need for voters to turn out in down-ballot races as the fight for reproductive freedom moves to state and local governments.


“We are a prochoice country, and for years, we’ve sounded the alarm that every election is a prochoice election,” said Sara Tabatabaie, Chief Political Officer and Communications Director at Vote Pro-Choice. “The stakes of the 2022 midterms are higher than ever, and the Vote Pro-Choice Voter Guide, paired with our investment in turning out new pro-choice voters, ensures that new and existing voters are engaged in the fight for reproductive freedom at every level. The Voter Guide serves as a resource for voters to learn about how every office can be utilized in the fight for reproductive justice—and that’s the kind of civic engagement we need to win in 2022 and ensure basic reproductive freedoms are protected in our local and state governments.”

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