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Vote Pro-Choice Celebrates Pro-choice Victories Across the Country

Heidi Sieck, co-founder and CEO of Vote Pro-Choice, released the following statement in response to Election Day results projecting strong Democratic performances across the country:

“Last night, the entire country got to see what so many of us have known for years: This is a pro-choice nation, and abortion rights are popular in every corner of every state.

“And in all five instances where abortion was directly on the ballot, abortion rights won by popular vote. 

“Every person who values reproductive freedom and the integrity of our democracy should thank a woman voter or a voter under 30 today. There is no doubt that young people and women across the country – particularly women of color – turned out in inspiring numbers to deliver these critical victories. From flipping the state legislature in Michigan to blocking a super-majority in North Carolina and everything in between, we would not be celebrating today without the work of young voters and of women who mobilized on behalf of body autonomy and abortion access. 

“While we celebrate now, we’ll be back to work soon enough, focusing on new opportunities to regain lost ground in places like Kentucky and Virginia, and working to protect patients and providers at the community level in 2023 and beyond.”

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