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Vote Pro-Choice & Planned Parenthood Virginia Pac Announce $2M Program Ahead of the Virginia General Election

RICHMOND, VA — Today, in a joint statement, leaders from Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC and Vote Pro-Choice announced their latest investments in a general election campaign aimed at blocking an abortion ban from taking hold in Virginia.

Together, the groups plan to spend a combined $2M on field, digital, and mail tactics to support candidates campaigning on protections for reproductive freedom and abortion care. Polling released today by Data for Progress found that likely voters in competitive legislative districts in Virginia do not trust Republican leadership on the issue of abortion and believe politicians should not interfere with a patient’s private medical decisions. 

This $2M dollar program includes almost $700,000 in field efforts, over $300,000 in mail, and substantial digital investments, including Vote Pro-Choice’s voter guide, across critical battleground districts.

Sara Tabatabaie, Chief Political Officer for Vote Pro-Choice:

“Abortion is a deeply personal decision that needs to remain between a patient and their healthcare provider. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised to see Glenn Youngkin, alongside other Virginia MAGA Republican politicians, lying about their intentions to interfere in our healthcare decisions and ban all abortion if they take power. 
“That’s why we need to vote for Democratic candidates who will protect our reproductive freedom from government interference. We're proud to support so many leaders in Virginia who are campaigning to make sure that every person has the freedom to control if and when to start or grow a family.” 

Jamie Lockhart, Executive Director Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC:

“When it comes to their reproductive rights, Virginians trust Planned Parenthood and know they can’t trust Glenn Youngkin. Glenn Youngkin told us what he will do if he has an anti-abortion legislature after this election: he will ban abortion. And we know he won’t stop at 15 weeks. Governor Youngkin has made clear that he will sign any piece of anti-abortion legislation that makes it to his desk. This ban he is arguing for is just the beginning. We need to ensure that these deeply personal decisions stay between a patient and their provider, not politicians. 
"That's why we're expending all possible resources to ensure that Virginians know which candidates will defend their rights and ensure their access to reproductive health care here in Virginia. It is our responsibility to ensure Virginia voters know that these anti-abortion extremists will stop at nothing to take away their rights. We have to make sure they don’t have that opportunity.” 

Voters can review the candidates receiving support of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia and Vote Pro-Choice, as well as several other organizations endorsing in this election, by visiting 


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