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  • What is the Vote Pro-Choice Voter Guide?
    The Vote Pro-Choice Voter Guide is a comprehensive, pro-choice guide featuring endorsements and recommendations at every level of government. The guide shows Vote Pro-Choice candidates and additional endorsements from dozens of progressive organizations so that every pro-choice voter has what they need to cast a ballot in line with their values.
  • How does Vote Pro-Choice decide who to endorse?
    Since 2016, Vote Pro-Choice has evaluated and endorsed thousands of prochoice champions who pledge a deep commitment to lead on the issue of reproductive freedom. The Vote Pro-Choice team thoughtfully considers every candidate through an in-depth process involving application, interview, and contextual research. To qualify for a Vote Pro-Choice endorsement, a candidate must not only support accessible and destigmatized abortion care but must also be a champion for policies that empower families to thrive in safe, sustainable communities. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting accessible housing, reducing gun violence, addressing climate change, and advocating for racial justice.
  • Who is paying for this voter guide?
    This Voter Guide is paid for by Vote Pro-Choice PAC,, and not authorized by any federal candidate or candidate’s committee.
  • Where can I learn more about the organizations listed and their endorsements?
    We’re proud to include the endorsements of other pro-choice organizations working to get changemakers elected. Every organization has a different endorsement process with different endorsement criteria. Please click the logo of an organization to visit their website and learn more!
  • Some candidates are endorsed, and some are recommended. What’s the difference?
    Endorsements are different from recommendations. Vote Pro-Choice endorsements are reserved for those candidates who are truly champions of reproductive freedom and who lead effectively on this issue and on every issue that enables families to thrive in safe, sustainable communities. Even if a race does not feature an endorsed candidate, Vote Pro-Choice works to recommend the best pro-choice candidate running in every race because every elected official -- from school board to the statehouse -- affects our access to reproductive freedom. Contact us directly at to recommend a prochoice candidate in your area.
  • Why is there a race without any Vote Pro-Choice recommendation?
    There are several reasons why there may not be a recommendation for a specific race. It is possible that we haven’t been able to find enough information to make an informed recommendation - however, we greatly appreciate suggestions to make the Voter Guide more comprehensive. In some cases, none of the candidates are prochoice, so we cannot provide a Vote Pro-Choice recommendation.
  • Why do some organizations endorse a candidate while others don’t?
    Every organization has different priorities, capacities, and criteria for endorsing candidates. Some groups focus on supporting a specific office (like the state legislature), while others focus on supporting specific candidates (like women, LGBTQ+ people, candidates under 40, etc.). That’s why we’re proud to include endorsements from different organizations to keep voters informed and empowered to vote for their values!
  • I know a candidate is pro-choice. Why isn’t there a checkmark next to their name?
    In the vast majority of cases, we choose one candidate per race, just like a voter has to choose on their ballot. We recommend the candidate most reflective of our recommendation criteria. Sometimes, we can’t find enough information to make a recommendation. In that case, we greatly appreciate suggestions from the public. Submit your comments to, and we will get back to you right away.
  • I love the work you’re doing to support pro-choice candidates running to protect reproductive freedom! How can I support it?
    We’re so proud of the work that Vote Pro-Choice does to protect reproductive freedom, and we’re grateful for your support! Please consider contributing to our work here. We also sell union and USA-made merch, which directly supports the mission as well.
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