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pro-choice protester holding up a sign that says "Fuck Your Abortion Ban"

Who We Are

Our Purpose and Vision

Founded in March 2016, Vote Pro-Choice mobilizes the nation’s pro-choice majority to elect pro-choice champions who protect and expand reproductive freedom at every level of government. Our digital-first tools have engaged over 50 million pro-choice voters and helped elect hundreds of pro-choice champion candidates.

We know that every elected office—from school board to county commissioner to the state legislature—has a role in protecting reproductive freedom, so we make pro-choice endorsements and recommendations from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

By working at every level, we can build the communities we want to live in.

pro-choice voters protesting for reproductive rights, women's rights, gun control, and other progressive issues

Since 2016...

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pro-choice voters using the VoteProChoice voter guide

84.4 million

Pro-choice voters engaged

64.3 million

Voter Guides distributed


Pro-choice endorsements

Candidates coached



Candidates researched

Win rate in some of the toughest races in the country!



Sara Tabatabaie, Executive Director

About Our Team

Vote Pro-Choice is powered by a devoted, creative, diverse group of committed individuals throughout the country. We protect their safety and identity in a Post-Roe world.

About Our Executive Director

Sara Tabatabaie is a savvy political strategist who joined Vote Pro-Choice in 2020. She has grown from her Communications Director role into senior leadership, becoming the Chief Political and Communications Officer, overseeing the complete Vote Pro-Choice strategy, including political priorities, candidate endorsements, and the innovative voter guide build and distribution strategy.

Under Sara's Leadership, Vote Pro-Choice scaled the national voter guide program into the largest pro-choice, progressive voter guide in the country, becoming the most-used guide on the BallotReady platform ahead of the 2020 and 2022 elections and earning the title of ‘Most Impactful Digital Tool in 2022’ by the Center for Digital Strategy. She’s also been a leading voice on our endorsement committee, contributing to the endorsement of over 1700 pro-choice candidates, 70% of whom are women. 

Before joining Vote Pro-Choice, Sara served as the Digital Director for Rock the Vote, focused primarily on registering and engaging young people of color, as well as advocating for accessible voting rights throughout the country. For years, she served on the Steering Committee for National Voter Registration Day. In 2018, Sara worked tirelessly on the Second Chances campaign, a successful effort to restore voting rights to people with prior felony convictions in Florida via ballot initiative. 

Sara brought her passion for registering and engaging young voters to Vote Pro-Choice as she cultivated a strong partnership with Vote Save America/Crooked Media and launched initiatives to register young pro-choice voters in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, directly contributing to the success of dozens of local and state-level candidates seeking office, as well as the pro-choice ballot initiative protecting abortion care in Michigan. 

As a new mother, Sara’s lived experience is incredibly valuable to this moment. Her Middle Eastern heritage provides a much-needed lens into barriers specifically facing women of color in the world of reproductive freedom. She shared openly and honestly about her own abortion story, naming that it was her decision to terminate a pregnancy in 2012 that freed her to reclaim her life and ultimately become a mother almost exactly ten years later on her own terms.

About Our Co-Founder

Heidi is a civic technology entrepreneur who has worked in the reproductive rights ecosystem for more than 30 years. The  Vote Pro-Choice strategy has always prioritized down-ballot women of color candidates and low propensity women of color voters, newly registered women, and young people. Heidi is initiating this strategy and deeply believes that organizational leadership must reflect the audiences served, ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in all aspects of the operation.

Heidi L. Sieck, CEO/Co-Founder

Heidi L. Sieck, Co-Founder

She is committed to setting up the next chapter at Vote Pro-Choice with all the resources needed for success. She has led the organization to become a respected platform for voters, candidates, partners, elected officials, and influencers. ​

Vote Pro-Choice protects reproductive freedom at the state and local levels, changing the laws by changing the lawmakers.


Listen to our Co-Founder explain how our pro-choice nation can win back our reproductive freedom, starting with local elections. 

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