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pro-choice protester holding up a sign that says "Fuck Your Abortion Ban"

Who We Are

Our Purpose and Vision

Founded in March 2016, #VOTEPROCHOICE mobilizes the nation’s prochoice majority to elect prochoice champions who protect and expand reproductive freedom at every level of government. Our digital-first tools have engaged over 50 million prochoice voters and helped elect hundreds of prochoice champion candidates.

We know that every elected office—from school board to county commissioner to state legislature—has a role to play in protect reproductive freedom, which is why we make prochoice endorsements and recommendations from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

By working at every level, we can build the communities we want to live in.

pro-choice voters protesting for reproductive rights, women's rights, gun control, and other progressive issues

Since 2016...

Person of color's hand holding up a smart phone displaying the VoteProChoice Voter Guide
pro-choice voter protesting
pro-choice voters using the VoteProChoice voter guide

84.4 million

Pro-choice voters engaged

64.3 million

Voter Guides distributed


Pro-choice endorsements

Candidates coached



Candidates researched

Win rate in some of the toughest races in the country!


Heidi L. Sieck, CEO/Co-Founder

Heidi L. Sieck, CEO/Co-Founder

About Our Team

#VOTEPROCHOICE is powered by a devoted, creative, diverse group of committed individuals throughout the country. We protect their safety and identity in a Post-Roe world.

About Our CEO

Award-winning civic entrepreneur with a lifetime commitment to political organizing, civic technology innovation and reproductive freedom.

- Founding Chief Operating Officer, Civic Hall
- Founding Chief Operating Officer,
- Interim Chief Operating Officer, Rock the Vote
- Founder, Project Director, ReslientSF: Citywide Recovery Initiative
- Founder Project Director, San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center

Heidi has been organizing in the reproductive rights and feminist movement for over 30 years and is a sought after candidate coach, mentor, speaker and political strategy consultant. :

- Planned Parenthood (Nebraska), NARAL (California and Ohio), and the National Institute for Reproductive Health (formerly NARAL-NY). - President, San Francisco Women’s Political Committee
- Founder, San Francisco Women’s Policy Summit with the District Attorney Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States.
- 8 presidential campaigns and dozens of state and local campaigns, including leading Ohio Women’s Vote Projects for 2012 presidential.

Heidi serves on the Boards of Directors of Rock the Vote Action Fund, Men4Choice, RunVoteLead Action Fund, CTZNWELL and NYC 21 in ‘21 Project. She is the recipient of many awards including the San Francisco Good Government Award for 311 Customer Service Center and the Harvard University Holly Taylor Sargent Award of Advancement of Women in Leadership.

MPA, Harvard University
BA in Communications, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

VoteProChoice co-founder/CEO, Heidi Sieck

Candidate Coaches

Our candidate coaches provide a range of support, including overall campaign strategy, messaging guidance, digital strategy, and personal support via both individual and cohort-based coaching.

We also support campaigns with livestream events, social media amplification, and connection with our network of national and local partners.

VoteProChoice candidate coaches leading a webinar with VoteProChoice endorsed candidates
pro-choice candidate being consulted by a coach
VoteProChoice candidate coaches leading a webinar with VoteProChoice endorsed candidates

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