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Vote Pro-Choice Responds to President Biden’s Speech Outlining the Stakes for Abortion Rights in the 2022 Midterms; Highlights 2022 Voter Guide

In response to President Biden’s speech in Washington, DC highlighting the importance of electing a Democratic Congress to codify Roe v. Wade and protect abortion rights on a federal level, Sara Tabatabaie, Chief Political and Communications Officer of #VOTEPROCHOICE, released the following statement: 

President Biden is right to emphasize the stakes in this year’s midterms. Abortion is on the ballot, and the ramifications of losing the House and Senate would be severe across every aspect of our lives. Republicans in Congress have been clear about their goals to nationally ban abortion across the full country, so we must all be clear-eyed about what we’re fighting against.

But the devastation that patients and providers have experienced since Dobbs can’t just be fixed by electing Democrats in federal races alone. We need long-term, systemic investments in voter engagement across every ballot line—and that means investing in down-ballot races and voter education and outreach. 

That’s why #VOTEPROCHOICE has launched a six-figure investment across battleground states like Georgia and Ohio to get voters access to our voter guide of pro-choice candidates—the largest voter guide of its kind in the nation. Abortion is on the line in every election, from Congress to County Commission. And that means we need pro-choice voters to vote in every election, and for pro-choice candidates to win in every election.”

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