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Vote Pro-Choice Responds to Biden Administration’s New Guidelines on Protecting Abortion Access 100 Days After Dobbs V. Jackson

#VOTEPROCHOICE Chief Political Officer and Communications Director Sara Tabatabaie released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration's new proposed guidelines and grants to protect and expand reproductive rights:

“Since the devastating Dobbs ruling, millions of Americans have been stripped of access to critical healthcare, and  doctors are threatened with criminal penalties, sometimes forced to consult lawyers in real time before providing emergency care. And according to Republicans, this is only the beginning, as they seek to ban abortion nationally. 

“We’ve known what the goal of the anti-choice right was for decades, and now that they’ve successfully overturned Roe v. Wade, we are witnessing the devastation firsthand. The Biden Administration, and administrations before, should have been more proactive. Instead, these reactive measures now come too late, and too incrementally.

“With exactly five weeks left until the midterm election, it’s clear that the only solution to protect abortion access and reproductive healthcare is to expand our margins not only in Congress, but also in state houses and city halls across the country. At #VOTEPROCHOICE, we have been sounding the alarm for years that the real battle for abortion access happens down-ballot, in state legislatures and local governments, where so many horrifying and unpopular bans originate in the first place.”

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