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pro-choice voter holding up an "I Voted" sticker

2023 Priorities





In 2023, we're focused on reaching 3.97 million voters in states where we can have the greatest impact.

pro-choice Virginia candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy.jpeg
Jennifer Carroll Foy
Running for VA State Senate District 33
pro-choice Virginia candidate Jennifer McClellan .jpeg
Jennifer McClellan
WON her election for ​​U.S. House - VA-04


  • Priority state since 2017

  • Abortion is accessible but unprotected—and Gov. Youngkin is dangerously anti-choice

  • Democrats have a narrow majority in the State Senate and a minority in the House of Delegates: opportunity to make gains!

  • Critical school board elections across the state

Daniel McCaffery
Running for Pennsylvania Supreme Court
in November 2023


  • We registered over 20K women in 2022—we need to keep them engaged!

  • Vital access point for abortion patients from OH, WV, and KY

  • 5,000+ local elections this year!


  • Priority state since 2017; deep relationships with local candidates and partners

  • Municipal elections in 13 cities; key city council races

  • 64 school board districts with 100+ open seats

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez.png
Jalen McKee-Rodriguez
WON his 2023 election for San Antonio
City Council - District 2


  • We’ve been active in Kentucky since 2018; have Deep ID voters

  • In 2022, voters rejected an anti-choice ballot measure

  • Opportunity to protect Gov. Andy Beshear

  • Opportunity to gain key seats: Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State

pro-choice Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear
Andy Beshear
Running for reelection
pro-choice voter taking action and protesting

We’ve got big plans this year, working to get pro-choice champions elected at every level across the country, and building momentum in key 2024 states. We need your support to expand our work and maximize our impact. The stakes couldn’t be higher—join our movement today!

Join us in 2023 and beyond!

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