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Strategy & Tactics

We elect state and local prochoice champions to protect and expand reproductive freedom for all. 


We invest in high-potential voters not traditionally targeted and educate voters with the nation's most-user prochoice voter guide. This combination empowers and educates voters, ensuring their voices resonate in the corridors of change.


We endorse and support down-ballot candidates - who are primarily women of color - with a reproductive justice lens. Through a lens of equity and empowerment, we endorse and uplift these leaders, fortifying our shared commitment.


We collaborate with 200+ progressive partners, with all our programs designed to be additive to the ecosystem. Every program we devise is designed to complement and enhance the ecosystem, enhancing the collective impact we can achieve.


VoteProChoice is dedicated to transformative
election strategy.


Engaging & Expanding our pro-choice majority

#VOTEPROCHOICE prioritizes voters often left out of traditional outreach programs: women of color, newly registered women voters, young women, and eligible, unregistered voters likely to identify as prochoice. #VOTEPROCHOICE is often one of only a few political groups talking to these audiences.


In 2022, we worked hard on voter expansion, mailing 71,000+ voter registration materials, sending 205,000+ texts, and had 10000+ deep Id conversations.

Image of a laptop computer showing the voteprochoice voter guide on an internet browser
A hand of a young black woman holding a phone featuring the voteprochoice voter guide
Image of a young asian woman listening to another woman who is coaching her
Voteprochoice candidates enaging on Act.TV for choice
Image from Act.Tv of VoteProChoice candidates

Candidate Endorsement and Coaching

#VOTEPROCHOICE prioritizes down-ballot candidates, particularly those running in primaries. Our candidates are proudly 78% state and local, 75% BIPOC, 67% women and 25% LGBTQIA+. 


We offer our candidates a variety of resources to enhance their races, including innovative digital services, inclusion in our yearly voter guides, and a network of experts to provide advice and coaching. 


With a legacy of impactful collaborations, #VOTEPROCHOICE has collaborated with over 500+ partner organizations. Our work is entirely additive to our partner programs, and we work hard to synergize our efforts with key partners across the ecosystem.


In 2022, #VOTEPROCHOICE partnered with Civitech and Vote Save America on voter registration programs for the critical midterm election. We are also proud to have been the 2022 Voter Guide partner of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. 

Join us in 2023 & beyond!

We’ve been working hard this year to get pro-choice champions elected at every level across the country, and our steadfast commitment extends to cultivating momentum in pivotal 2024 states, setting the stage for expansive reproductive freedom. We need your support to develop our work and maximize our impact going into 2024. Join our movement today!

Image of a young white woman protesting at a rally holding a megaphone
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