SAN FRANCISCO—#VOTEPROCHOICE, a national political organizing project of Democrats.com, today endorsed Suzy Loftus for San Francisco District Attorney. #VOTEPROCHOICE endorses prochoice champions up and down the ballot across the country. Co-founder & CEO Heidi L. Sieck praised Loftus for centering concepts of reproductive justice on the campaign trail and for committing to protect reproductive freedom from the District Attorney’s office.

“This year, state legislatures from coast to coast passed a record number of barbaric laws criminalizing abortion patients and providers. Our reproductive freedom is under full-scale attack—and we need to elect fierce prochoice champions up and down the ballot to fight back,” said #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi L. Sieck. “Our country deserves prochoice District Attorneys who will protect patients and doctors—and that’s why I’m thrilled to endorse Suzy Loftus for San Francisco District Attorney Office.”

Sieck continued, “Suzy Loftus is a San Francisco native and a lifetime feminist who has devoted her entire career to protecting the city’s most vulnerable residents. She is a fearless advocate for women and children, and as District Attorney, she’ll continue to fight for safety, equity and reproductive justice. San Francisco voters: if you care about your city remaining a bastion for reproductive freedom, you all must get off the sidelines—vote Suzy for District Attorney.”

“I am honored and excited to have the support of #VOTEPROCHOICE,” said San Francisco District Attorney Candidate Suzy Loftus. “Reproductive freedom is an aspect of nearly every elected office and, as District Attorney, I will do my part to make sure San Francisco stands as sanctuary for reproductive freedom. I will always be a partner in the fight for bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.”