MISSISSIPPI — #VOTEPROCHOICE, a national prochoice political engagement project, today released the most comprehensive Mississippi prochoice voter guide ever built for the statewide primary on August 6. 

This March, Mississippi’s state legislature passed and Governor Phil Bryan signed one of the strictest abortion bans in America — banning most abortions six weeks into pregnancy. The #VOTEPROCHOICE Mississippi State Primary Voter Guide is designed to help voters identify and cast their ballots for prochoice champions on the August 6 primary. 

“There is just one abortion clinic left in Mississippi because the nation’s anti-choice minority launched a relentless campaign to control state and local elected officials throughout the country. With abortion bans spreading like wildfire, we must fight back by electing prochoice champions everywhere. This prochoice voter guide gives Mississippi voters the tools they need to vote prochoice up and down the ballot,” said Heidi L Sieck, Co-founder and CEO of #VOTEPROCHOICE. “For too long, Democratic elected officials mistakenly treated abortion as a marginalized issue and something to avoid talking about. Our reproductive freedom is at stake like never before—and this issue must be front and center in all our elections. Mississippi’s last standing abortion clinic is a clear signal: we are in the fight of our lives to save reproductive freedom, and that fight will begin and end on the state and local level. The good news is that we are a staunchly prochoice nation. Contrary to what the anti-choice minority wants us to believe, Mississippi has a majority of prochoice voters. We know that when we give voters the information and tools to vote prochoice, they absolutely will.”

Based on pilot testing, #VOTEPROCHOICE found users save upwards of 25 candidates per ballot—using prochoice endorsements to inform their votes from statewide races down to town councils and judicial elections. #VOTEPROCHOICE will send the guide out to approximately 300,000 voters. Developed with technology partner BallotReady, the voter guide includes endorsements from numerous progressive organizations that use the lens of reproductive rights—including LGBTQ Victory Fund, Run for Something, and The Collective PAC. The guide also provides a crowdsourcing functionality that allows users to submit information about prochoice and anti-choice candidates in their area—ensuring the most comprehensive information possible.  

Recent voter behavior research developed by #VOTEPROCHOICE partner National Institute for Reproductive Health revealed that when voters are informed of the threats against reproductive rights in their community, they are ignited into action. By using the #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guide, prochoice voters will know exactly what a candidate’s position is on reproductive freedom. 

The #VOTEPROCHOICE voter guide will be available 11 days before the Mississippi primary. #VOTEPROCHOICE has developed voter guides for all states with critical elections[where reproductive freedom is under threat in 2019—including Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973, Americans have been losing ground on reproductive freedom on every front. In 2019 alone, states have enacted 26 abortion bans already. 58% of American women of reproductive age now live in a state considered either hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights.

To test the Mississippi voter guide, enter this sample address into the voter guide:

116 Oxford Creek Dr Oxford, MS 38655