#VOTEPROCHOICE urges Ohioans to elect prochoice Mayors in 2019, following latest attack on reproductive freedom

In response to the Ohio State Senate's breaking vote in favor of the "heartbeat bill," and as a second-trimester ban moves forward in Ohio as well, #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck issued the following statement:

"Ohio's Senate just took us one step closer to becoming a forced birth nation. Legislators in Ohio just passed a bill to ban abortion before women even know they're pregnant—and we must act now to defend reproductive freedom in Ohio. There are dozens of municipal elections in Ohio in 2019, and we must elect prochoice champions for every seat—from school board to city mayors. With Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, conservatives are just one case away from overturning Roe and taking away our reproductive freedom across the country. But we are a prochoice nation: 7 in 10 voters believe in reproductive freedom, and we will not be held hostage by an extreme antichoice minority. We must fight back with everything we have, because our lives are on the line."

Ohio 2019 local elections include:

Toledo Mayor

Columbus Mayor

Akron Mayor

Canton Mayor

Loraine Mayor

Reproductive health and justice policies are often dictated by city governments, which can protect clinic access, fund and cover reproductive healthcare, support young people’s access to care, and advance inclusive policies. [NIRH]

The midterms made clear Americans overwhelmingly support reproductive freedom:

Two-thirds of voters favor keeping Roe v. Wade as is [NBC]

Pew Research Center poll found 61% of Democratic voters said abortion was critically important to their vote, way up from the 38% in 2008 [Pew]

US now has the most pro-choice governors in decades [ThinkProgress]