#VOTEPROCHOICE’s Heidi Sieck: “Let’s transform into a truly feminist society”

CHICAGO— Heidi Sieck, co-founder of national prochoice organization #VOTEPROCHOICE, was awarded NewFounders’ “Feminist of the Year” Award during NewFounders’ 2019 Conference this week. NewFounders is a hub dedicated to showcasing the next generation of new leaders rising and injecting the best of tech, design, and usability into systems to make America 2.0.

“Heidi Sieck is a force of nature who tirelessly advocates for women, stands up for those who have been silenced, and never stops fighting,” said Genevieve Thiers, founder and CEO, NewFounders. “We’re proud to honor her with the NewFounders 2019 Feminist of the Year Award. It’s so important that we put the spotlight on the people who make up the backbone of the progressive movement like Heidi. We couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than her.”

“Feminism means fighting for equality for all people—every gender, sexuality, class and race. Through #VOTEPROCHOICE, we support prochoice candidates up and down the ballot to make sure every person in this country has equal access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive healthcare services—and full control over their own bodies,” said #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder and CEO Heidi Sieck. “I’m honored to receive this award, and delighted to be on this journey together to build a truly feminist society in our country. For too long, misogynists have been allowed to run rampant in the halls of power—together, we say enough. It’s time for the country’s feminists to raise our voices even louder and stand strong together.”