#VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck: “Make no mistake: anti-choice minority aims to outlaw abortion entirely”

NEW YORK—Following Donald Trump’s anti-choice propaganda in his State of the Union, national pro-choice organizing project #VOTEPROCHOICE’s co-founder Heidi Sieck tonight issued the following statement:

“Tonight Donald Trump made crystal clear: Roe v. Wade is in the crosshairs of his administration. By parroting unscientific propaganda about so called ‘late-term abortions,’ Trump sent an unmistakable signal that he is aligned with anti-choice extremists. Make no mistake: the goal of the anti-choice minority is to outlaw abortion entirely. Their intentional dramatic mischaracterization is an orchestrated tactic to roll back our reproductive freedom.

"We will not allow Trump and the anti-choice minority to win.

"America is a prochoice nation: 72% of Americans support the right to choose. And the ‘late-term’ abortions the anti-choice minority continues to demonize are extremely rare cases of dire medical circumstances. Pregnant people deserve privacy, accessible healthcare, and dignity — not shame, hate and right-wing propaganda. If we stand together, speak up and defend reproductive freedom, we will win, because we are a prochoice nation. We cannot afford to be silent when our freedom is at stake."