#VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck on Barr's confirmation as Attorney General: “We are one step closer to becoming a forced birth nation"

NEW YORK—Following the Senate's confirmation of William Barr on Thursday as Attorney General, national prochoice voting project #VOTEPROCHOICE's co-founder Heidi Sieck released the following statement:

“The confirmation of William Barr brings us one step closer to becoming a forced birth nation. Barr has openly stated he believes Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional, and publicly said he does not think the right to privacy extends to abortion. With Barr in the Attorney General’s office, Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, and Donald Trump in the White House, our reproductive freedom is in the crosshairs.

“The Attorney General has full discretion over whether abortion providers and clinics are protected, whether the Violence Against Women Act is followed, and whether anti-discrimination statutes and hate crime laws are enforced. Given his extreme anti-choice record, we have no faith that Barr will enforce these essential protections. With Barr’s confirmation, Trump is chipping away at reproductive justice in America.

"The threats to reproductive freedom are coming faster than ever. But we are a prochoice nation—72% of Americans support the right to choose. It’s time for the country’s prochoice majority to stand up, fight back—and vote prochoice in every election everywhere.”

William Barr is an anti-choice extremist:

- In 1992 Barr said Roe v. Wade “does not have any constitutional underpinnings."

- During his 1993 confirmation hearings Barr said “I do not believe the right to privacy extends to abortion.”

- During an interview with UVA's Miller Center of Public Affairs Barr said "I'm anti-abortion myself."

- As an attorney for the Department of Justice in 1991, Barr urged a federal court to lift an injunction that stopped clinic protesters in Wichita, Kansas, from blocking access to abortion clinics.