#VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck: “This is hyperbolic anti-choice propaganda masquerading as legislation”

NEW YORK—Yesterday, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate will vote Monday, February 25 on the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” a hyperbolic and unscientific piece of propaganda from anti-choice extremists. In response, National prochoice  organizing project #VOTEPROCHOICE’s co-founder Heidi Sieck issued the following statement:

“Senator McConnell is shamelessly feeding the flames of anti-choice hysteria. Let’s be very clear: this is hyperbolic anti-choice propaganda masquerading as legislation to stigmatize abortion in a country that staunchly supports reproductive freedom. This bill’s implication that people are waiting until labor to suddenly end pregnancy is simply a lie. This is nothing but conservative fear-mongering used to limit our reproductive freedom. In very rare cases, abortions occur after the first trimester because of dire medical circumstances. Every abortion is different, and political theatrics must not interfere in these critical medical decisions. That is not the time for politicians to scare and shame people. We should be giving doctors, pregnant people and families the dignity of proper medical care. This legislation is a travesty of misinformation.

"We are a prochoice nation. 72% of Americans support the right to choose. No matter how many times these men in power try to scare the nation with “Born-Alive” legislation, we must stand together, speak out, and vote prochoice in every single election until we unseat the anti-choice minority — because our freedom is on the line.”