#VOTEPROCHOICE Co-Founder Heidi L. Sieck: "Every race down the ballot is crucial—and the prochoice majority is going to win" 

NEW YORK—#VOTEPROCHOICE today announced 42 endorsements of prochoice champions in the upcoming 2019 general elections from coast to coast, all the way down the ballot. Endorsed candidates are running in a diverse range of critical, down-ballot contests, including city council, state legislature, district attorney, mayoral, and county clerk races where reproductive freedom is at stake. This year, 49,000 races are on the ballot in 34 states.

"Reproductive freedom is not just decided at the Supreme Court or in the halls of Congress. Every elected office has the power to impact the prochoice movement," said #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder and CEO Heidi L. Sieck. "This year, we saw that power abused in an unprecedented way. From mandatory ultrasounds in Virginia to five city councils in Texas criminalizing abortion entirely, attacks on our reproductive freedom are coming from all sides."

Sieck continued, "Every race down the ballot is crucial. That's why we are proud to endorse 42 prochoice champions who will not only fight this onslaught of suppression but also use their power to advance reproductive freedom. These endorsements give prochoice voters the support and empowerment to vote prochoice on election day—and I am confident that the prochoice majority is going to win." 

In Tennessee, #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed Kyonzte Toombs (D) for Nashville Metro Council District 2 amidst movement in the legislature to ban abortion at a "fetal heartbeat"—before most pregnant people can even detect their own pregnancy. In Virginia, #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed Sheila Bynum-Coleman (D) in her race to unseat House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox (R), who has supported mandating invasive intravaginal exams and compared aborted fetuses to dead soldiers. And in Missouri—a state where the single abortion clinic left is under constant attack—#VOTEPROCHOICE was one of Jolie Justus' (D) first major endorsements in her race for Mayor of Kansas City. Additional endorsements include:

  • Alexandra Dermody, Iowa / Davenport City Council, 7th Ward

  • Alison Brown, Indiana / Indianapolis City-County Council, District 5

  • Amelia Parker, Tennessee / Knoxville City Council, At-Large Seat C

  • Annette Hyde, Virginia / Virginia Senate, District 24

  • Bethany Hallam, Pennsylvania / Allegheny County Council, At-Large

  • Brandon Rue, Mississippi / State Representative House, District 102

  • Braxton Winston II, North Carolina / Charlotte City Council, At-Large

  • Bryan Lindstrom, Colorado / Aurora City Council, Ward 6

  • Carrie Hartman, Ohio / Maumee City Council

  • Crista Carlino, Indiana / Indianapolis City-County Council, District 6

  • Danica Roem, Virginia / Virginia House of Delegates, District 13

  • Dimple Ajmera, North Carolina / Charlotte City Council, At-Large

  • Eliz Markowitz, Texas / Texas House, District 28

  • Elizabeth Brown, Ohio / Columbus City Council

  • Elizabeth Smith, New York / Mount Pleasant Town Justice

  • Ethan Ashley, Louisiana / Louisiana House of State Representatives, District 97

  • Ethan Evans, Indiana / Indianapolis City Council, District 4

  • Ghazala Hashmi, Virginia / State Senate, District 10

  • Hala Ayala, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 51

  • Jennifer Woofter, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 22

  • Jessica Foster, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 88

  • Joshua Cole, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 28

  • Karen Mallard, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 84

  • Karl Frisch, Virginia / Fairfax County School Board, Providence District

  • Liliana Rivera Baiman, Ohio / Columbus City Council, At-Large

  • Linda Bobrin, Pennsylvania / Register of Wills

  • Mandie Landry, Louisiana / House of Representatives, District 91

  • Margaret Angela Franklin, Virginia / Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Woodbridge

  • Maria Rusomaroff, Indiana / Lawrence Common Council, District 4

  • Mark Pinsley, Pennsylvania / Controller

  • Megan K. Thompson, New York / Monroe County Legislator, District 8

  • Michalyn Easter-Thomas, Tennessee / Memphis City Council, District 7

  • Morgan Goodman, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 55

  • Olivia "Liv" Bennett, Pennsylvania / Allegheny County Council District 13 

  • Qasim Rashid, Virginia / State Senate, District 28

  • Schuyler Van Valkenburg, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 72

  • Sheila Bynum-Coleman, Virginia / House of Delegates, District 66

  • Shelly Simonds, Virginia / Virginia House of Delegates, District 94

  • Suzy Loftus, California / San Francisco District Attorney

  • Tay Anderson, Colorado / Denver Public Schools Board of Education

  • Theresa Gillespie Isom, Mississippi / State Representative, District 7

  • Vi Alexander Lyles, North Carolina / Mayor of Charlotte

This wave of endorsements comes after #VOTEPROCHOICE recently released

Local Impact: How Down-ballot Seats Affect Reproductive Freedom—a report detailing the impact of every elected seat in America on reproductive freedom. The report concludes that every local seat, from governor to county auditor, is critical to ensuring the 77% of prochoice Americans protect the right to choose. The report was used to ensure this slate of endorsements covered the most high-impact elections, up and down ballots across the country.