19 national progressive organizations unite to raise funds for all assault survivors

WASHINGTON DC — National prochoice voting project #VOTEPROCHOICE joined with Alyssa Milano and a coalition of progressive organizations, movement leaders and activists launching a GoFundMe to cover expenses for all Brett Kavanaugh assault survivors.

“The confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh is a fight for the moral compass of our nation and the kind of government we want to have for generations to come. We must learn from the mistakes of 1991, when both Republicans and Democrats shamed, demeaned, and ignored Anita Hill for speaking up about sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas,” said Heidi Sieck, coalition organizer and cofounder of #VOTEPROCHOICE. “We must show that we truly stand with all of Kavanaugh's assault survivors. Supporting these women financially is essential to making sure these brave assault survivors are heard. We cannot allow Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.”

The GoFundMe asks supporters to donate generously to ensure Kavanaugh's assault survivors have the resources needed for their legal strategy and security expenses.

"Black women know all too well the pain and degradation that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is facing now that she has come forward and that Anita Hill endured nearly 30 years ago. We are speaking out with Dr. Ford. We believe her. We support her. We stand with Anita and with every woman and girl of color told to stay silent or bullied into silence by a culture and a system does not value our voices, our bodies or our lives," said Monica Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong. "We will continue to be loud and to push back on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. These allegations and his record make it clear that this is not someone who will respect the needs or the experiences of women of color. So we will say what needs to be said and we will do so in honor of the many women and girls who don’t feel safe to tell their stories and the ones who are disrespected and denigrated when they do.”

"We honor the bravery shown by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she spoke out to share her story. We know all too well the risk she is taking in doing so and we understand that she took that step because she understands how important it is to halt the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh," said COLOR policy director Karla Gonzales Garcia. "The women of this country cannot afford to have another sexual predator on the highest court in the land and the women in our community will not stand by silently and allow this to happen. We know that when it comes to the kinds of decisions handed down by the Supreme Court that it is our health, our rights and our lives on the line.”

Coalition Partners:


Alyssa Milano

Lady Parts Justice League and Lizz Winstead

March On

SisterSong: National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

American Family Voices

Art Not War and Laura Dawn Murphy

Bird Girl Industries with Melissa Bird

Blue Wave Voters

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

CTZNWELL and Kerri Kelly


Humanity for Progress

Rights and Democracy

Strong Economy For All Coalition

Trans United Fund

Ultraviolet and Shaunna Thomas


Indivisible South Carolina

Paula Brantner, PB Work Solutions