#VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck today released the following statement in response to Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee:

"In 1973, the Supreme Court confirmed what women throughout history have always known: the choices we make for our bodies are ours alone. But make no mistake: Brett Kavanaugh's nomination is a grave threat to our freedom. Donald Trump promised to overturn Roe v Wade, and Kavanaugh has a strong track record of conservative views. Let me be clear to those of you who comfort yourselves with the safeguards of legal precedent—if we have learned one thing from the past year and a half, it is that all precedent has been thrown out the window.

We must fight to protect reproductive freedom as if our lives depend on it—because they do. The end of Roe v. Wade will not mean an end to abortion—only an end to safe abortion. We have seen what happens when abortion is illegal: lives are lost, bodies are mangled, families are destroyed, and most of all, women are controlled. The upcoming midterm elections will be a referendum on reproductive freedom and control. Every elected representatives must stand with the 72% of Americans who support the right to choose, or they can stand on the wrong side of history--and be voted out come November.”