Co-founder of national prochoice project #VOTEPROCHOICE Heidi Sieck today released the following statement:

“This is not a drill: our lives are on the line. Conservatives on the Senate Judiciary Committee have scheduled confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh on September 4 — 6 before the next Supreme Court session starts on October 1. Their goal is clear: to confirm this Supreme Court Justice so they can control our bodies, to let this President get away with anything, and to change the course of our country for generations to come. We cannot let them win.

"America is a prochoice nation — 72 percent of Americans support Roe v. Wade and reproductive freedom. The conservative minority may control the halls of power today, but our voices are louder, our collective numbers are larger, and we will put everything on the line.

"Republicans will do everything in their power to confirm Kavanaugh before the midterms — we must do everything in our power to stop them. We cannot let centrist Democrats waiver on choice. We cannot let Democratic leadership allow a single vote in favor of Kavanaugh. We cannot afford a single American who supports reproductive freedom to stand on the sidelines and stay silent any longer. We must take to the streets. We must delay these hearings in every way possible. We must vote prochoice in every single state legislative race and every election everywhere.

"We must treat the Kavanaugh hearings as a fight for our lives — because that is what this is."