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VoteProChoice Responds to Lindsey Graham's National Abortion Ban Proposal

In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s introduction of a national abortion ban in the U.S. Senate today, VoteProChoice Chief Political and Communications Officer Sara Tabatabaie issued the following statement:

“Lindsey Graham’s proposed nationwide abortion ban is the latest example of what’s at stake in this moment for the future of reproductive freedom.

Anti-choice Republicans have spent 50 years working to dismantle abortion rights, so we know—and have always known—that Republicans would jump at the opportunity to introduce a national abortion ban as soon as they successfully overturned Roe v. Wade. This newly proposed ban lays the truth bare: For anti-choice politicians, this was never about ‘states’ rights.’ This has always been about controlling our decisions and our families.

“When people show you who they are, believe them. Despite the fact that Republicans across the country have been scrambling to delete anti-choice positions from their websites, walking back previous anti-abortion statements, their plans remained obvious: They were always going to push for a national abortion ban.

“This is exactly why VoteProChoice focuses on registering and turning out pro-choice voters in key areas this year. Republicans like Lindsey Graham are betting against women, young people, low-income folks, and marginalized communities, and we look forward to watching that bet backfire in November.”


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Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dec 02, 2023

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