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From School Board to Sheriff to City Council, every elected position holds the key to expanding our reproductive freedom.

At #VOTEPROCHOICE, we are actively supporting the next generation of prochoice champions. Stand with us in 2023 and beyond to make a difference.

Pro-Choice Black Woman candidate running for elected office

There are over 93,000 races on the ballot in 2023–
and we have a plan to win them.

Situation Status


states ban most abortions, with 4 more state bans at  15-20 weeks

more low income women experience unintended pregnancy than affluent women

of patients denied abortion care end up in poverty


open seats on the ballot in 2023.  We have a plan to win them.

How We Win

#VOTEPROCHOICE protects reproductive freedom at the state and local levels, changing the laws by changing the lawmakers.


Listen to our CEO and co-founder lay out how our prochoice nation can win back our reproductive freedom starting with local elections. 

pro-choice candidates and voters

Are You A Prochoice Candidate Running For Office In 2023?

Interested in applying for #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsement in 2023? Click below to have an application emailed to you when the endorsement process opens.

pro-choice candidate Nikema Williams
pro-choice candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy
pro-choice candidate Ann Johnson

Take Action

pro-choice voters voting on Election Day
pro-choice voter exploring their ballot using the VoteProChoice Voter Guide
pro-choice voter protesting
pro-choice people supporting each other

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