Dimple Ajmera.jpg
I’m thankful for #VOTEPROCHOICE’s endorsement. Their direct voter outreach efforts gave us additional coverage to overcome negative attacks, and helped us claim the historic win.
— Dimple Ajmera, Charlotte, North Carolina, City Council

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I’m a school board member and most of my scholars can’t vote (yet). It’s important for me to advocate for equitable reproductive rights...for me and for us, but most importantly for them.
— Jasmine Bowles, District 1 Member of the Clayton County Board of Education, Georgia

#VOTEPROCHOICE was an indispensable partner in my primary and general election campaigns. They were willing to try tactics that Detroit voters hadn’t seen before but would respond positively towards. Their online presence helped me target potential donors and volunteers from around the country. And the voter contact program helped me over-perform with the most important voting bloc in Detroit: Black women. Thank you for building power.
— Garlin Gilchrist II, candidate for Detroit City Clerk

As a first-time candidate, running in a hectic and noisy election, #VOTEPROCHOICE really helped me stand out. They brought real resources and support to my campaign, far beyond social media and a mention in a newsletter (although that was also super helpful!). They were there when I had questions, constantly offering ways to gain more traction, and came through with a great text-based strategy to reach thousands of voters. It really wowed the voters, and definitely earned my campaign lots of support. To Anna, Alaina, and everyone else on the team, THANK YOU!!
— Brionte McCorkle, Atlanta City Council member

#VOTEPROCHOICE was an amazing support and resource during my Mayoral race. As a pro-choice female candidate, it meant so much to have an organization that truly advances freedom and choice for all women supporting my race. Their energy, impact, and resources were vital to our primary win.
— Yvette Simpson, candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati, former City Council member

The endorsement effectively communicated my candidate’s commitment to protecting a woman’s reproductive autonomy.
— Anita Prizio, County Council member for Pennsylvania's 3rd District

Chris Hurst.jpg
#VOTEPROCHOICE was a leading force in drawing support for my campaign. They were proactive in reaching people online through different social media platforms. I am eternally grateful for all they did to help me get elected to the Virginia House of Delegates.
— Chris Hurst, Virginia House of Delegates District 12