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Susanna Gibson

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 57

Upcoming Election Date:


Susanna is a Nurse Practitioner and a public health expert with years of experience providing home-based primary care to vulnerable patients in our community. 

Susanna’s service to her community in this way, through her medical experience, has given her a unique insight into the intersectionality of health with economic stability, education, environmental justice, discrimination, social support systems, and more. While this experience has pushed Susanna to consider public service through elected office for a long time, the Dobbs decision ultimately motivated her to throw her hat into this race. For years she has met with patients in many circumstances, and she has counseled and comforted them when they determined an abortion was the right choice. She has also volunteered at Planned Parenthood and rallied at the General Assembly for women’s reproductive freedom. But when the Dobbs decision was handed down, she realized she needed to take it to the next level. She needed to take her years of expertise and experience and run for the House of Delegates.

Susanna also believes in common sense gun violence prevention laws such as banning assault weapons of war, holding parents accountable when their children get ahold of unsecured guns, and universal background checks. She is deeply concerned about our children having access to a strong public education system that gives every child the maximum opportunity and prepares them for higher education or a good job.  She believes she has a compelling story to tell, that she can win this swing district in November and go toe-to-toe with the GOP extremists in the General Assembly in 2024.

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