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Rodney Willet

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 58

Upcoming Election Date:


A Virginia native who grew up in a family of teachers, Rodney has dedicated his career to public service. As an attorney, Rodney represented local governments in Virginia, and he learned firsthand what good governance can look like and its positive impact on working families. He was also instrumental in establishing and expanding free legal assistance programs while practicing.

In the late ’90s, Rodney saw the potential for technology to transform government and led Virginia Interactive, a public/private partnership with the Commonwealth, to move information and citizen/business services online, helping put Virginia at the forefront of the online revolution. He has continued to work as a small business entrepreneur and technology consultant and currently helps organizations solve their business problems by unlocking the value of data. His most recent companies have been structured to maximize their community impact by providing financial and pro-bono consulting support to area nonprofits.  

As a delegate representing the 73rd District, he helped pass laws related to early childhood educational opportunities, mental health programs, environmental protection, voting rights, prescription drugs, and gun violence prevention. Rodney serves on the House Committees on Finance, Health Welfare and Institutions, Agriculture, Chesapeake Bay, and Natural Resources and is the former chair of the Behavioral Health Subcommittee. He is a legislative appointee to the Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority and serves as vice chair.

Rodney runs with a commitment to key issues such as affordable healthcare, reducing prescription drug prices, supporting equal education access for all children of Virginia, gun safety, protecting the environment, creating an inclusive Virginia, and protecting women's healthcare. Rodney supports a woman’s right to choose and access affordable contraception. He believes a woman must be able to make her own decisions about their bodies in consultation with her doctors.

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