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Nadarius Clark

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 84

Upcoming Election Date:


Nadairus Clark is a working-class community activist and organizer and was the youngest Delegate in Virginia history when he was first elected in 2021. He began his political activism in 2016 when the KKK marched through his HBCU campus. These experiences in 2016 led him to become a profoundly engaged advocate for equity, particularly in the areas of healthcare, housing, and education. He has worked to elect Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator Time Kaine, and President Joe Biden.  

Nadarius is 100% pro-choice, with a 100% pro-choice voting record in the legislature and enthusiastic support for a state constitutional amendment to ensure extreme, anti-choice politicians cannot remove reproductive rights. 

In addition to the VoteProChoice endorsement, Nadarius is supported by House Democratic Leader Don Scott, local Delegates Clint Jenkins, Cliff Hayes, Jackie Glass, and Angelia Williams Graves, and six more legislators, 15 local elected leaders, and 14 democratic organizations. In the general assembly, he has championed causes for equity and justice across a wide policy range. From taking on the debt collection industry to addressing maternal mortality in the Black community and fighting to protect a woman's right to choose, he has always put Hampton Roads' working-class families first.

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