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Lily Franklin

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 41

Upcoming Election Date:


Lily grew up in SWVA and spent the majority of her life in these mountains. Her parents and father’s grandparents live in SWVA, as well as most of her mother’s family. She knows that Virginia doesn’t end in Charlottesville and has shared in the pain of neglect with her neighbors.

Lily spent the better part of the last seven years of her life fighting a pitched battle for the citizens of SWVA. Beginning as a staffer with Delegate Sam Rasoul, she learned to be a savvy outsider who can wrestle legislative victories to get work done for our neighbors. She used that platform to develop a bill-writing program that put local constituents in charge of the legislative process. Upon promotion to Chief of Staff for Delegate Rasoul, Lily assisted in writing legislation that resulted in a grant program for local food and farming infrastructure being passed. They championed legislation to establish maximum contaminant levels for the cancer-causing & deadly "forever" chemicals in drinking water. 

Lily is passionate that this region deserves the tools to create a future where everyone can thrive in all stages of life. She wants to ensure every child gets a world-class education, that our recent graduates can get good-paying jobs right here in their hometowns, that working families have the resources they need to be healthy and successful, and that the aging population can retire with dignity in their own homes. Lily also firmly believes women should have bodily autonomy when it comes to their reproductive rights. She also wants to protect the environment, and she has spearheaded climate legislation and has existing relationships with environmental stakeholders.

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