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Kimberly Pope Adams

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 82

Upcoming Election Date:


Kimberly is a lifelong Virginian who loves calling Dinwiddie home. She’s an Accountant and Auditor who wants to bring accountability to the House of Delegates.

Her deep love for the area she grew up in is the cornerstone of why she’s running to serve the new 82nd District. Kim is a mother whose community has seen hardships that were preventable. She’s ready to be a voice for a District that Richmond has long ignored. Kim will stand with farmers, local businesses, and community leaders to make District 82 thrive. 

Kimberly believes that government has no place in a woman’s healthcare decision – and all decisions should be made between the woman and her doctor. As Delegate, Kimberly will fight tirelessly to protect continued access and ensure women keep the right to make their own reproductive decisions by opposing any attempt to ban abortions in Virginia, opposing any attempt to invoke obstacles to abortion (such as mandatory waiting periods) or opposing any attempt to limit or restrict women’s access to contraception. In this election, Kimberly faces an opponent with a record of supporting abortion bans. 

Kimberly is also committed to prioritizing community safety, advocating for equal access to quality education for all children regardless of background, tackling food insecurity and food deserts, supporting working families, and advocating for greater economic development in the region.

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