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Kelly Convirs-Fowler

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 96

Upcoming Election Date:


Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler is a working mom, a grassroots activist, and a small business owner who helps service members and veterans. 

Kelly is 100% pro-choice, and as Delegate, she’s overturned Republican restrictions on reproductive care and advanced abortion rights. As a mother to three young girls, she feels compelled to improve the lives of her daughters and the women of her community however she can. She is proud to cast her vote to support the Equal Rights Amendment, making Virginia the final state needed to ratify the ERA.

As Delegate, Kelly has also expanded health care to more than 500,000 Virginians, increased school funding and raised teacher pay, and protected our democracy and voting rights. 

Kelly is also proud to be an advocate for tackling climate change. She believes we need to be proactive about flooding and sea-level rise. This begins with acknowledging the problem—climate change—which is why she sponsored a bill that brings awareness to flood zones when buying or renting properties. She is also committed to ensuring healthcare for every family, getting a fair wage for teachers and protecting free and fair elections.

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