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Josh Thomas

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 21

Upcoming Election Date:


Josh Thomas was born and raised in a small town where most folks, including Josh’s family, worked for the airlines. They instilled in him a deep commitment to community service, and his brother, a Marine, showed him the dedication and sacrifice required to serve our nation.

When the tragedy of September 11th shook the world, even Josh’s small town felt the impact. His community’s safety and sense of security were shattered. So, he answered the call to make a difference in the world and joined the Marine Corps, training at Officer Candidates School in Quantico, right here in Prince William County. In the Corps, Josh led Marines on tours in Afghanistan and the Middle East. However, his journey wasn’t just about fighting battles but about discovering a passion for service that would shape his life.

After five years of serving his country on active duty, Josh traded his combat boots for books and the pursuit of justice. At the College of William and Mary, he learned how to use the law to help small businesses, build homes and defend those that need it most. As an attorney, Josh set his sights on uplifting communities, ensuring affordable housing for all, and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses across Virginia thrive.

When the COVID-19 pandemic plunged the world into chaos again, Josh refused to stand idly by. He answered the call to serve yet again, joining Virginia’s Medical Reserve Corps to help combat the health and economic impacts of the disease.

Josh continues to fight for us every day by advocating for the rights of Veterans and the LGBTA+ community and helping secure asylum for those fleeing Afghanistan. Josh refuses to back down, relentlessly working to bring about positive change.

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