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Amy Laufer

Running for:

Virginia House of Delegates - District 55

Upcoming Election Date:


Amy is originally from a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin and is a first-generation college graduate. Amy worked as a math and science teacher at Louisa Middle School and Tandem Friends School. Amy was first elected to Charlottesville City School Board in November 2011 and then reelected. She was Vice Chair and Chair of the School Board from 2012-2016. In 2014, she founded a women’s empowerment group called Virginia’s List, which has supported many pro-choice women currently serving in the General Assembly. She is now running to join them. Amy also ran for State Senate District 17 in 2018, earning 48% of the vote in a +12 Republican district.

Amy’s top issues are protecting reproductive access, fully funding public education, and gun violence prevention. She also wants to guarantee that every Virginian can access the doctors, specialists, and nutrition they need and bring our health system into the 21st century.The environment is also a top priority issue for her, and she is committed to protecting it by investing in green infrastructure and renewable energy while reducing the state's dependence on fossil fuels. That includes continued opposition to oil and gas pipelines that harm Virginian land and direct resources away from green infrastructure.

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